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Scandinavian Transformer is a 100% Danish owned company that trades as a fully independent Polish business with Polish cost levels. Scandinavian Transformer is based in Skierniewice, Poland.

Over the last 50 years, Skierniewice has been the home of the majority of Polish transformer production. That’s why the cream of the workforce when it comes to the manufacture of transformers and coils is to be found here. And that’s why our directors and workforce are hand-picked from leading transformer factories in the city.

Danish ownership ensures that the products will fully live up to the standard expected of a Scandinavian-made transformer. Scandinavian Transformer is holding ISO9001:2015 certification – another guarantee of quality. Scandinavian Transformer can manufacture products able to comply with any standards any customer may require. Marking and approvals can of course be obtained in consultation with the customer.